A modern CMS can masterfully cover everything from a simple web frontend to a complete documentation platform.

In an increasingly fragmented world of partial solutions, a modern CMS is your fully staffed orchestra. The holistic approach allows a CMS to map almost all use cases of your company.

The open source community is focused on the broad applicability of the respective CMS platform. A side effect is that a feature set that is designed to be general-purpose logically also contains many configuration options. 

This advantage can initially flatten the learning curve and make adaptation more difficult.

That's why we at InitBox UG Düsseldorf offer you a free 30-minute orientation consultation. 

Here we can briefly discuss your needs, possibilities and solutions together. 

CMS out of the box... custom modification... or a custom development based on one of our other solution modules. 

We pave the sometimes winding and poorly lit path for you and accompany you through this labyrinth with our many years of experience, always feeling committed to the optimal balance between cost-effectiveness, time horizon and future security.

Our services also enable small businesses to be one step ahead of their competition.