Our packages cover the core needs of typical small or medium-sized enterprises, associations and non-profit organizations. They permit quick deployment and significant savings of time and money. By working with us to choose your ideal package, you can be confident that your needs will be covered in a future-proof way.

  • Choose one or many of several solutions such as website (CMS Options: Tiki CMS, WordPress, Django), team collaboration, customer support, knowledge management etc.
  • All our solutions are based on Free / Libre / Open Source software and there is no vendor lock-in.
  • You can start with a small package and upgrade at a discounted rate when your needs grow.
  • Please remember that you always have a full copy of all your data and applications, so you can change suppliers or elect to manage on your own at any time.
  • These are designed for associations and businesses of fewer than 50 employees, but these organizations can have large communities (clients, members, volunteers, etc.)
Costs of solutions (package price + monthly fee)€ 2.900,-
€ 87,-
€ 5.900,-
€ 177,-
€ 9.900,-
€ 297,-
€ 19.900,-
€ 597,-
€ 29.900,-
€ 897,-
Full-service hosting
Creation of detailed quote with project specs, definitions & requirement analysis € 950,-€ 650,-€ 250,-
Bank of hours (yearly special support)7h14h21h40h60h
Discount on purchase of additional banks of hours5%5%10%15%20%
Software updates and upgrades
Domain name configuration
Web analytics
Social media promotion support
Site design✓*
Video management
Performance optimization
Database, forms and reports135*10*15*
Business cards
Admin access to WP/Tiki
Online advertising service + SEO
Security training
LDAP server
Chat and videoconference
Shared drive
Firewall and VPN
Advanced search
Unified search
File sync
Shared contacts
Shared mailboxes
Shared calendar
Mobile device sync
Virtual desktops
GNU/Linux desktop
PBX phone system
Usual timeline (weeks)2461016
Post-launch phase (weeks)24688
Post-launch phase5h10h15h30h45h
Payment schedule (post-dated checks (or equivalent)Upon orderUpon order1/2 upon order, 1/2 after 3 weeks1/3 upon order, 1/3 after 3 weeks, 1/3 after 6 weeks1/3 upon order, 1/3 after 6 weeks, 1/3 after 12 weeks


the constellation of web software solutions we offer includes 13 elements plus the development of customized solutions to meet special needs: 1. Website; 2. Team Collaboration; 3. Customer support; 4. Membership Management; 5. Social Networking; 6. Shopping Cart; 7. Knowledge Base; 8. Multilingual Glossary; 9. Event Management; 10. Collaborative Book; 11. E-learning; 12. Sales Team Management; 13. Digital Signage. Do you have unique needs? Contact us for Custom solutions.

Costs of solutions (package price + monthly fee) : regarding solutions, the price (taxes not included) is a one-time cost to get your setup and email support about basic configuration. Included are all checked items on this table.

Full-service hosting: this service begins after the „post-launch phase“ (see „Usual timeline“ in this table). It includes hosting, support, renewal of the domain name, updates and a bank of free annual and cumulative hours of support (see the next point). This fee is approximately 3% of the initial cost and invoiced monthly to your credit card via PayPal recurring. You get a 10% discount for yearly prepaid via bank transfer, Bitcoin or by check.
We do think full-service hosting it is a good investment since it is a low-cost insurance and a way to get free of a lot of administrative tasks. Often, hosts offer web space, but they don’t know your applications and, therefore, can’t give you any advice. In addition, you must update your applications.
Why? Because it is software . . . and all software must be regularly updated. If not, some hackers may use your site to perform their illicit activities, typically to send spam, host IRC bots, store illegitimate photos, videos, software, delete data or publish it somewhere else. . . . If your account is used to send spam, your web host could shut down your site and/or suspend your account and, thus, your website would be unavailable until the problem is fixed.
Another consideration is that web applications are not as easy to update as desktop applications (we are far from the double-click!). We must update the files, update the database, make sure files have the appropriate permissions, and then re-integrate any functional changes, reintegrate cosmetic changes, test, etc.
Is it possible to hire AvanTech to install Tiki on another server? Definitely, and we need to do so when a client must respect some technical or legal requirements. In that case, we can even set up specialized monitoring tools and train your system administrator to carry out updates.

Creation of detailed quote with project specs, definitions & requirement analysis:

If your project requires a detailed quote with analysis of requirement, data structure and other material which is considered as consulting we charge this fee for the „smaller „BRONZE“, „SILVER“ and „GOLD“ packages separatly. If you have such material at hand and it covers the project scope no extra charge apply.

Bank of hours (yearly): These hours are not part of the regular package since they can only be used after the initial setup and deployment (which includes the post-launch phase). These hours may be used for advanced configuration or upstream development (which takes more time). The hours of this bank never expire: if you don’t use them, you accumulate them for special projects from one year to another. This type of person-to-person support is delivered through phone or online support Remote Support.

Software updates and upgrades: Software upgrades

Instead of a large fee at each upgrade (major change with a new number of the software, 12 to 13 for example), this cost is part of your ongoing support plan, so it’s predictable and reasonable. This is a key differentiator: Comparison to the alternatives.

How it works…

    • Updates (minor changes): implemented as soon as they become available (for example, Tiki 24.4  to 24.5)

    • Upgrade (major change): one included every three years. For example, if you start with Tiki 25.x in 2022, we’ll upgrade you to the latest stable Long Term Support (LTS) version in 2024 (see Tiki Release Schedule).

When such a version is available and assuming you want the new features, we’ll set up a test upgrade site where you can confirm that all is working nicely for you and the upgrade will only be implemented when it suits you.

Domain name configuration: A domain name is the first step to your digital identity! If you don’t have a domain name, we’ll help you pick one and register it. If you do have a domain name, we’ll review it. Let’s make sure you really own it and that you will be alerted to any changes, or if the registration expires. There are over 1,000 new top-level domains so it’s likely there is something exciting for you.

Email: we install an email system with IMAP and webmail access, spam filter and anti-virus functionality.

Multilingual: navigation, content and interface. You can have your site partly or fully multilingual. Translation services offered as an add-on: English  French and other languages via professional partners who master Tiki and can update your content directly online.

Backups: for Bronze* and Silver* packages, a backup can easily be done by a manager via a button on the web interface. For emails, please make sure to set up your local computers with IMAP access, and make backups from that (with a mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird for example). For the three other packages**, we set up one of your computers for unattended automatic backups.

Monitoring: a monitoring service to check the uptime of your site. The service will visit your site and check for a keyword and so verify that the server is up. If the Content Management System (CMS) is found to have an issue, we intervene rapidly to solve the problem (an e-mail can be sent to you if you prefer). As much as possible, we monitor the health of various systems (RAM, hard disks) to detect issues early and intervene before any noticeable problem occurs.

HTTPS /SSL: a secure certificate so traffic to your domain is encrypted, e.g., https://example.org/ .

Web analytics: how many people are visiting your site? How long are they staying? What are the most visited pages? Beyond Tiki’s own stats, we can also set up Google Analytics.

To answer these questions, we offer two levels of service. Regular: a self-serve stats admin panel. This is included in all solutions. Superior (an add-on): for advanced needs, a specialist will analyze your particular situation, review real-world data and develop a strategy. For example: Improving Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, A/B Testing, etc.

See also: Steps to become data driven.

Social media promotion support: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. With this service, we make it easy for users to share your site with these social networks. If you don’t yet have an account, we’ll help you with the setup. We espouse POSSE: Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. If we are asked to make a design, we’ll also make headers, logos, and banners for all your social media accounts.

Site design: a visually appealing website linked to your image and logo is an added value that we’ll help you obtain.

Included in all packages: we can make small changes to an existing Tiki theme (e.g., change colors and add your existing logo.

For Silver and other Superior packages: you can use any theme from any CMS or we can make your present theme Tiki compatible (an interesting option if your content is quite difficult to update).

Note: if you haven’t yet developed a brand image (logo, colors, etc.), we can offer this service (optional).

Faithful to the spirit of open source software, we wish to inform you of the existence of excellent sources of themes that are under a free license:

http://startbootstrap.com/ .

Video management: managing videos is trickier than managing regular files. If your videos are all public, we can set you up on YouTube and add this as an additional social network. If you have private videos or many videos and you want to create your own YouTube-type site, we recommend Kaltura. Vimeo support is also available. Help with the production of your videos or cartoon animations is available as an add-on.

Performance optimization: No one wants a slow site, and Google Counts Site Speed As A Ranking Factor

We offer two levels of service:

Standard: just before the site is launched and after each major upgrade, we review site performance with industry-standard tools such as Yahoo! YSlow and Google PageSpeed and make sure your visitors get at least an average score of 80% or B. This is included in all solutions.

Advanced: for high-performance needs, a specialist will analyze your particular situation and needs, review real-world data and tailor a solution such as:

    • Add a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    • Load balancing

    • Etc.

Database, forms and reports: Tiki has a powerful „Trackers“ feature. This can be used to create all kinds of useful tools. This is an alternative to Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, Google Forms and Wufoo, and so on. Built for the web from the ground up, Trackers can handle all kinds of use cases: application forms, support tickets, purchase orders, bug reports, feedback reports, project management, surveys, etc. According to your package, your team will receive some hours of training: 5 (Gold), 10 (Platinum) or 15 (Diamond).

Business cards: useful and necessary to promote your website at events or in meetings, these cards reflect the design and colors of your site.

Admin access to Tiki: this allows you to choose from all the existing available features. If you are an advanced user, you may want to explore the various settings. Admin access is very powerful and admin misconfiguration may cause issues. To avoid this, we give proper training and support to those who have admin access. We can set up a duplicate server allowing you to test changes, and get feedback, without risking issues on your live server. Tiki includes many experimental features, and we encourage testing on your duplicate server, so you can report bugs and suggest feature enhancements. However, experimental features should not be used on your live server, as repairs caused by their use are not covered by your support contract.
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Online advertising service + SEO:

1. SEO: we offer two levels of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basic: Review SEO with automated tools and implementation of suggestions. This is included in some solutions: website and shopping cart. Advanced: an SEO expert will review your site, compare it to those of your competitors and adapt its content (add-on).

2. Online advertising (add-on): once your site is well structured, has good content, is visually appealing and has good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s time to invest in advertising if you want more traffic, sales and conversions, A specialist will analyze your particular situation, review real-world data and develop a strategy (buy ads on search engine results such as Google and Bing or social networking sites such as LinkedIn, etc.).+ A system like A/B testing to determine which ads lead to the best results will be set up to measure campaign results, conversion rates, etc.

See also: Steps to become data driven

Security training:

    • We’ll teach you how to keep key data secure just to you (even from us!). But don’t lose your password!

    • For password management, we work with KeePass.

    • Security audits are available as an add-on.

Chat and video conference: this permits audio-video and screen sharing. This replaces Skype and Google Hangout. Depending on your use case, we use BigBlueButton or Openfire.

Shared drive: each team and team member can have any number of folders. These files are safely kept on the server and can be accessed via the web interface, or via VPN with the standard file sharing protocols. This replaces Google Drive.

Advanced search: by default, Tiki uses the default MySQL full-text search, which is quite good and fast. For faster and smarter searches with Natural Language Processing features (for example, to find „more like this“), we use Manticore.

Unified search: the unified search permits searching throughout all your data via a unified interface. It’s like having your own Google Search for all your internal data. We use Manticore and Federated Search. This permits having full-text search on files (not just the file name but also its content), emails, chat logs, and everything in your Tiki (website, intranet, etc.). This enables identifying similar content or duplicates.

File sync: sync folders between any number of computers or Android devices. We use Syncthing. This is an alternative to Dropbox.

Shared contacts: have a centralized address book of all your clients and partners. Accessible from your webmail.

Shared mailboxes & Webmail: this is useful for info@ and support@ mailboxes.

Shared calendar: send and accept meeting requests. For planning meetings with people within your organization, it’s possible to see their „free-busy“ status to pick the best time. If you don’t have access to free-busy info, we offer a „Convene feature (similar to Doodle), where all invited can indicate availability and even propose alternate dates/times.

Mobile device sync: sync emails, contacts and calendar with your mobile device. Protocols: CardDAV, CalDAV and IMAP.

Virtual desktops: you can have instances of Windows running virtualized on your server or your GNU/Linux Desktop. This is useful to share some legacy or expensive applications between a few team members. Or to provide a desktop to some team members without having to support their physical computer. Users connect via RDP or SPICE. We use Kimchi.

GNU/Linux desktop: do you want to move to GNU/Linux on the desktop? This is ideal to give new life to PCs that are still running Windows 10 (Version 22H2 support ends October 14, 2025) or even older Versions. We support Debian & Ubuntu and many Ubuntu based distros. 

PBX phone system: like a traditional phone system, with extensions, voice mail, etc. but with modern technology. We can have phone numbers in any country and toll-free numbers (1-8xx). We use FusionPBX and FreeSWITCH.

Usual timeline (weeks): this is a typical timeline for deployment. Can be faster or slower depending on your needs.

Post-launch phase: once the project is launched, this is the number of weeks you have to use and test the system and report issues to be covered in the setup price. After this period is the ongoing usage phase.

Hours of training: for a successful project, we must work together for needs analysis, training, etc. This is an iterative process: The needs and goal are expressed. We look at examples, and prepare a proof of concept. The feedback leads to a working solution. Your team not only participates actively in the setup and configuration, but is also trained to be able to keep the site up to date and evolving. This is for the initial setup and deployment phase + post launch phase period.

Partnering with EvoluData.com we help building the foundation for your success.   

InitBox UG and EvoluData.com are committed to get your business up and running as fast as possible and deliver you with the tools you need. Current IT Infrastructure is a topic on it s own, so if you need consulting on what solutions fits for your demands simply contact us. With decades of experience paired with bleeding edge open source technology and solutions will take your workflows to the next level.